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Picky Neb 100% Non-GMO Dried BSF Larvae 10 lb

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✅ ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS - Our black soldier fly larvae are the superheroes of snacks - armed with high-protein content, calcium, phosphorus, and amino acids.. It's like a power smoothie for your hens, ensuring they have the muscle to strut the coop runway.



✅ HEALTHIER FEATHERS - Forget feather fashion faux pas! Our larvae are the fashion designers for your flock, promoting glamorous feather production and making molting a breeze. No need for oyster shells or calcium supplements – it's a natural makeover for your chickens, with feathered fabulousness!

✅ STRONGER EGGSHELLS - Our black soldier fly larvae treats are the architects of eggshell strength – making sure your backyard eggs are more robust than a superhero's shield. They're the secret ingredient your hens need to lay eggs that can withstand any breakfast challenge

✅ IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER - Picky Neb large grubs are the guardians of your baby chicks' immune systems. Packed with Lauric Acid (healthy fats), they're the defenders your chicks need to ward off the common cold and chicken sniffles. It's like a tiny army of health heroes for your feathered friends!

SUSTAINABLY GROWN - Picky Neb BSFL are the eco-warriors of snacks, safely and sustainably harvested on our grubs farm. We're not just feeding your chickens; we're saving the planet, one larvae at a time. 1 lb of BSFL Harvested = 10 lbs of food waste recycled – it's like environmental karma for your coop! 🌱🐔


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