Modern Window Mount Acrylic Bird Feeder - Complete Kit with 3 Suction Cups

✅ WATCH WILD BIRDS RIGHT FROM YOUR WINDOW: Are you a wildlife enthusiast? Do you love bird watching? Now you can make new feathered friends every single day, simply by mounting this modern, 100% transparent acrylic bird feeder on your window pane! Lightweight, yet extra durable, it is perfect for use on your porch, garden or apartment window.

✅ CLEAN AND REFILL MESS FREE! Worried about cleaning your acrylic bird feeder? Don’t be! Thanks to the convenient, removable tray, cleaning or refilling the feeder with seeds is now easy and mess-free! The special drainage holes will make sure your seeds are kept perfectly dry and fresh for your little friends to enjoy.

✅ ENJOY YOUR BIRD FEEDER FOR YEARS TO COME: You wished for a better, sturdier feeder for your little friends – we listened! Made from extra durable acrylic that will resist outside weather conditions, this bird feeder promises to go without a hitch for a really long time! Featuring an extra spacious tray that allows you to offer the birds two different kinds of seeds, without mixing them together, this is a smart and convenient choice for any bird lover! 

✅ INSTALL IN A WHIZ: Very easy to install on any window in just minutes, all you need to do is follow the clear instructions and you’ll be up and running in no time! That way you can quickly gather your family and friends and start observing your new feathered friends!

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