A lot of homeowners increasingly aim to keep modest flocks of chickens in their backyard. Bringing up backyard chickens can be a valuable experience as well as an excellent way to educate your kids about agriculture, nature, and duty of caring for animals.

There are many varieties of chicken breeds grown for meat production, egg production, and their good looks. Whereas most breeds adapt quickly to a backyard setting, particular chicken breeds perform better than others in backyard conditions. Examples of popular backyard chicken breeds include Ameraucana, Rhode Island Red, Orpington, and Wyandotte, among others.



Backyard chicken farming offers owners a lot of benefits, especially those who love to eat eggs. Backyard chickens lay healthier eggs that contain higher essential vitamins, minerals as well as fatty acids. Those who at one point or the other have eaten these eggs can attest to their superior taste, as they are thick and well-formed.


Keeping chickens in your backyard provides an opportunity to raise healthier animals that produce healthier foods. In addition, bringing up chickens in your backyard will equip you with basic livestock handling techniques. Backyard chickens add life and vigor to your home, turn your house into a homestead and both you and your family, into naturalists. ​​